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OOC Information

Player: Kristine
Contact Information:[plurk.com profile] thoughtbubble or PM

Adrien Agreste

Canonpoint: Post season 1
Age: 15

Wish: “Je veux trouver Mère de sorte Père ne sera plus triste.” “I want to find Mother so Father will no longer be sad.”

Adrien misses his mother dearly and he has grown apart from his father since her disappearance. In many ways he lost both parents when they lost her. Despite his efforts to reconnect with his father, Adrien has made little to no progress. Kyubey finds Adrien in a moment of weakness and with the right questions from the Incubator, Adrien admits aloud just how frustrated and heartbroken he is about the broken household he lives in. Kyubey makes the offer to grant Adrien's wish to get his family back. Plagg tries to intervene but in his emotional state, Adrien sees no problem with trading that wish for helping to protect innocent people as a magi. "I do that already anyway." Kyubey seals the deal before too many questions get asked.

Result: Kyubey grants Adrien’s wish and Mrs. Agreste magically appears, safe and sound in the Agreste mansion, but just as she arrives he’s taken away to Nyoi-Cho leaving a new hole in the Agreste family and Paris without one of its protectors. Kyubey conveniently didn’t clarify that the fight in Nyoi-Cho started immediately and might last an entire lifetime.

Weapon: A straight fencing sabre like that used in traditional duels.
Outfit: (Design in progress)


» THREAD DOWSING - Adrien’s passive power helps him find people and things that are missing. When he concentrates he can see the end of a “string of connection” like the string of fate pointing from the person who is looking for said object/person in the direction of what they’re looking for. As long the item is close (within 100 ft or so) the string end can be seen.

» THREAD MANIPULATION - Adrien can create magical threads and try attaching them to enemies or making webs in an attempt to trap or slow them down. For practical use the strings can be used to create a net or rope/swing but too much weight or force will lead to breaking and it can be cut. The threads disappear either seconds after they’re broken or cut, or within five minutes of their creation.
»»UPGRADED TO LEVEL 2- Adrien's aim and control over this power improve. Threads are stronger, able to take more force and hold more weight. Rather than ropes, thread strength is closer to wires and can be hardened like wire as well. Thicker threads, closer to the size of thin ribbons can now be created at the expense of more magic.


Fourthwalling is okay. Shipping is okay though he might not return the feelings. LadyNoir forever! Please talk to me before initiating any serious injury or death.


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